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What is THCV?

The cannabinoid THCV, also known as tetrahydrocannabivarin, has a complex molecular structure. THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a minor cannabinoid present in lesser concentrations than THC and CBD.

THCV is found in cannabis and hemp plants and can be eaten in plant form or as a different extract, most often in oil form. THCV is progressively gaining popularity. It exerts its effects on the organism through interacting with the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

Depending on their location, these receptors are accountable for the subsequent cascade of consequences in the body. THCV always has something to serve you whether you’re new to cannabis or seasonal users.

THCV vs. THC: What Is the Difference?

It’s easy to mix up THCV and THC for more reasons than simply the one letter separating the two. The structures of THCV and THC are kind of similar. In fact, THCV and THC are structurally so alike that the main difference is that one contains a propyl group, and the other has a pentyl group.

This distinction may be irrelevant to individuals unfamiliar with chemistry, but all you need to know is that THCV and THC interact differently with the cannabinoid receptor CB1. THC specifically stimulates CB1, whereas THCV prevents it, which is why THCV is thought to be an appetite suppressant. Because THCV has a greater boiling point than THC, you will need to heat it to a higher temperature if you intend to use it in a vaporizer.

Does THCV Get You High?

Because THCV is structurally similar to THC, you may be curious if it can get you high. THCV has the ability to produce a psychoactive effect, which means it can get you high. But, you will need to ingest a large amount of THCV before you experience any intoxication effects. THC is still the most psychoactive cannabinoid and is mainly responsible for the iconic cannabis high.

Is THCV Legal?

There is uncertainty over whether THCV is legal in the United States. It is neither listed on the federal level in the United States nor listed on the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. As a result, it is assumed that THCV is legal if it is derived from industrial hemp with a maximum THC level of 0.3 percent.

Nonetheless, the FDA’s Interim Final Rule (IFR) forbids the use of any synthetic THC, whether derived from hemp or cannabis. Likewise, the Federal Analogue Act prohibits the use of THC analogs.

THCV Isolate: How Is It Extracted?

Because of its lesser content in the cannabis or hemp plant, extracting THCV is more expensive, but the technique is the same as other cannabinoids.

THCV is extracted via chromatography, which separates the components from the plant using superfluid liquid solvents such as CO2 or ethanol. The solution is then evaporated with heat under a vacuum to eliminate all of the gas, leaving behind a high-purity THCV concentrate.

The resulting concentrate is now the isolated chemical, with a THCV level ranging from 91 to 99 percent. Keep THCV products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight to maintain potency.

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At State of Mind Labs, we test hemp and cannabis products for THCV because we trust in its therapeutic potential. We recognize that biologically significant quantities of the cannabinoid can significantly impact how and to whom you advertise your product. We can even trace levels below 1% in THCV using our modern equipment, despite screening biomass, oils, isolates, edibles, or beverages.

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