Is Delta 9 Legal in Florida?

Delta 9 (THC) is the main psychoactive component found in the marijuana plant. The legality of Delta 9 in Florida and across the United States is a complex issue, with differing laws and regulations depending on the state and the intended use of the product. 

In this post, we’ll examine the current legal status of Delta 9 in Florida, including the history of marijuana legalization in the state and the current laws governing the use and sale of Delta 9.

History of Marijuana Legalization in Florida

Marijuana has a long and complicated history in Florida, with the state passing laws both for and against the drug over the years. In 2014, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana for certain conditions, including epilepsy, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. 

However, the amendment was narrowly written, and it was not until 2016 that Florida passed a comprehensive medical marijuana law, the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which expanded the list of qualifying conditions to include cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, and other debilitating medical conditions.

With the legalization of medical marijuana, patients are able to legally possess and use Delta 9 THC for medical purposes. Patients are also allowed to purchase and possess up to a 35-day supply of low-THC cannabis, which is defined as marijuana with a THC concentration of 0.8% or less.

Current Laws Governing Hemp-Derived Delta 9 in Florida

The 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, was a significant piece of legislation that had a major impact on the legality of Delta 9 and other hemp-derived products in Florida and other states. 

The Farm Bill legalized hemp, which is defined as any plant of the Cannabis genus with a THC concentration of no more than 0.3%. This was a significant change from the previous law, which treated hemp as a controlled substance and made it illegal to cultivate or possess.

Following the passing of the Farm Bill, the state of Florida approved Senate Bill 1020 in 2019, which removed Hemp, hemp derivatives and cannabinoids from the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. Under this rule, all hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta 9, are allowed to be purchased in Florida as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.


Residents in Florida can get all of the benefits of Delta 9 THC as long as the products contain less than 0.3% THC and are derived from hemp. The state also has a medical marijuana program, but people who do not qualify or cannot afford to participate can still find relief and comfort by purchasing hemp-derived Delta 9 Products online from State of Mind Labs or offline from nearby shops.

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