How To Ship THC-O Distillate To Japan

Recreational cannabis is now legal in various European nations and states in the United States. Research study on cannabis has advanced significantly in these locations. CBD products and similar items are becoming more common in Japan.

Nonetheless, the supply of CBD, cannabis, and the use of this plant is highly monitored by old laws. As a result of these conditions, the Japanese CBD market continues to lag behind other nations. In this post, we’d like to give some tips about how to ship THC-O Distillate to Japanese purchasers.

By the conclusion of this article, you should have a good understanding of the CBD rules in Japan, as well as the paperwork you’ll require. You can also understand how to ship THC-O Distillate to the Japanese market to extend your business and improve THC-O Distillate sales in Japan

Cannabis Control Act In Japan

Japan’s Cannabis Control Act has been in operation since July 7, 1948. This act defines and regulates ‘which cannabis can be consumed, who can manage cannabis, and who cannot manage cannabis.’ This law has remained unchanged for more than 70 years despite various revisions.

Criteria for THC-O Distillate in Japan

As WHO regulatory, qualified CBD products must include less than 0.3% THC. To Japanese regulations, it is much stricter than WHO. So below are core criteria for any foreign country sellers to follow and label their CBD-related things in the product source. THC Should Be 0.00%

The Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Act controls THC export and import in Japan

This law does not immediately apply to CBD or cannabis goods. On the other hand, this act covers narcotics and narcotic raw materials, psychotropic drugs and neuropsychiatric drug raw materials, stimulants, and their raw materials.

Any CBD products having greater than 0.00% THC are banned in Japan under Japanese legislation. And THC-O Distillate at State of Mind Labs has 0.00% THC, which means this product is legal in Japan, and we can ship without any problem. If the customs officer discovers THC in any CBD goods, then your product is classified as illegal.

And you will be compelled to recover the item or face penalties. The Japanese government may also ban your company.

How Can You Know Your THC-O Distillate is Legal To Ship To Japan?

So now you learn that selling THC-O Distillate might be difficult, you must take a vital initial step. It’s time to find out if your THC-O distillate is legal to ship.

There are three requirements you should look for:

No THC At All in Your THC-O Distillate

Confirm the THC levels of your product in the Certificate Of Analysis by visiting a lab or a website where you buy THC-O Distillate or contacting them personally. Your THC-O distillate mustn’t include any THC levels that exceed the legal limit.

THC levels must be less than 0.0 percent for THC-O Distillate to be legally considered. Moreover, you’ll want to carefully check your product to ensure your THC-O distillate constantly meets this criterion.

Supplier Must Be Licensed

You need to confirm that your provider is properly licensed to cultivate and manufacture THC-O Distillate. If they aren’t licensed, you risk having your source shut down and us going into legal difficulty.

If your source goes out of business, you’re out of luck regarding revenue and order fulfillment. Orders will either be backed up, or you will be compelled to close your company, mostly temporarily. The danger is substantially reduced if you choose a licensed source.

The manufacturing and facility, among other aspects, have previously been certified by the government. So you can be confident that the product will satisfy standards and supply will be more constant.

Third-Party Testing

Your supplier is permitted to do in-house testing to ensure that the THC ratio is consistent. However, there are third-party testing options available to you and your provider.

While third-party testing is not needed, it is strongly advised to source from a provider who goes above and above to acquire it. It is generally beneficial to have an independent, neutral party inspect your goods to meet quality requirements.

Shipping THC-O Distillate To Japan

Carriers That Ship CBD Products

You can ship THC-O Distillate within the United States or worldwide, including Japan, via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Although, every shipper has its own set of rules that you must obey. For instance, if you utilize USPS to send THC-O Distillate, you must supply the following documentation:

  • You need to print a signed certification document subject to the False Statements Act on USPS letterhead.
  • A Department of Agriculture license that provides details confirming the hemp producer by name and verification that the mailer is allowed by the product to sell its products.
  • The hemp-derived product must have a no delta-9 THC content by dry weight.

By submitting this paperwork and according to the specified criteria, you can assure that your items are delivered efficiently and safely, with no legal ramifications.

Of course, private carriers like UPS, FedEx, and others can supply cannabis products worldwide. Still, you should also follow all federal and other countries’ requirements to successfully deliver your THC-O distillate.

Final Verdicts

Shipping products is one portion of running a fruitful cannabis business. You’ll also need it all, from legal payment handling to innovative cannabis marketing strategies that adhere to the many restrictions and norms set by everyone, from governmental agencies to tech behemoths.

Selling cannabis is far more technical than selling garments or novelty items. And the business is fast-paced and ever-changing. There have been recent business and societal changes, but don’t assume them to be the last. Stay updated on what changes by staying up to date on cannabis regulations around the world and airlines’ shipping rule.

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