How To Properly Spray Your Hemp Flower With HHC Distillate

If you’ve been following the hemp industry for a while, you’ve probably heard of HHC, the new cannabinoid on the market. HHC is a cannabinoid present in hemp that is gaining appeal among users of both hemp flower and standard cannabis flower. It is said to produce a mildly euphoric high similar to its more well-known cousin Delta 9 THC.
The best thing is that HHC is legal, giving it an excellent alternative for individuals living in states where cannabis is still banned or seeking a less euphoric effect. You may be wondering what HHC distillate is and how to properly spray it on hemp flowers. Continue reading to learn more about this combination, which may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Hemp Flower?

A hemp flower is a carefully cultivated plant that is said to be hemp in its purest, most organic form. The flower is responsible for the vast bulk of CBD goods sold throughout the world. The largest buds, seen only on female plants, are found near the top of the plant, where the most sunlight is received. The majority of CBD goods are derived from the extracted oils of huge hemp crops.
The premium smokable flower is grown with significantly more attention to detail. The plants are cultivated in fields, greenhouses, or inside commercial buildings, then carefully pruned and hand-trimmed in a controlled atmosphere. To ensure the highest quality, these buds are plucked at the peak of their maturation.

How to Pick the Right Hemp Flower?

Picking the right buds for the job is important when making your own HHC flowers at home. Choose a hemp flower with dense buds that do not shatter into smaller pieces while spraying. It is also crucial to evaluate the initial color of the buds you intend to employ. Buds of a lighter green tint will produce the best outcomes.
After using the spray, the hemp bloom will darken slightly. If you use a medium to dark green hemp flower, you may end up with an HHC flower that isn’t the loveliest color. When selecting buds to convert into HHC flower, it is always advisable to utilize the greatest grade available, as well as those that are within the legal category, with less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC.
Requirements To Properly Spray Your Hemp Flower With HHC Distillate
Here are some key requirements to follow if you want a properly sprayed hemp flower with HHC distillate.

Hemp Flower

Everything is determined by the type and grade of flower you select. You don’t want flowers that will shatter when sprayed. As a result, ensure that the flower is dense enough. Choose a lighter green hemp bloom as well. The hue will darken to a lovely darker green after adding the HHC distillate.

HHC Distillate

Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum distillate can be used. The decision is primarily personal. To pick the appropriate distillate, consider criteria such as your intended application. For the highest grade HHC distillate, contact State of Mind Labs.


Kief is a cannabis crystal made up of brilliant trichome resin. Your kief should be the correct color. It should also meet less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC standards. As a result, most consumers prefer CBG kief or CBD kief since it is less likely to contain more than 0.3 percent THC.


Terpenes are vital for enhancing the odor of your flowers. However, they are a choice, not a need. You will still receive your goods, but they will be devoid of the cannabis aroma. If you must utilize terpenes, opt for hemp-derived terpenes.

Spray Gun

The correct type should not clog with the distillate’s viscosity. Simultaneously, it should produce droplets that are fine enough just to make a uniform texture on the flower.

Rotating Mixer

During spraying, you want a mixer that will evenly coat the distillate and kief over the bloom. The most important factor to consider when selecting a mixer is motion. The device should tumble gently so as not to break the hemp flower into fragments.
Steps To Properly Spray Your Hemp Flower With HHC Distillate
To make the properly sprayed HHC hemp flower follow these steps closely:
what to look for when buying CBDP for Japan infographic

Trim Flower

If you bought your hemp flower from a seller, it was most likely machine trimmed, but it may possibly have needed a hand trim. Before spraying your flower, give it another trim to remove as much of the stem as possible so that the spray is applied to the flower rather than the stem.

Prepare HHC Distillate

To make your HHC flower, you will need to acquire a bottle of HHC distillate. There are several techniques to make distillate less viscous, including adding terpenes. Use a distillate that is not too dense. Before you begin, shake the bottle to mix it up. Terpenes can also be added to lower viscosity.

Spray Hemp Flower

To apply the distillate, place the flower in the tumbler. Devise a clamp to hold your flower so that you can spray it more evenly without handling it before it dries. Spray your flower lightly with distillate to assist you in determining your preference.

Dry the Hemp Flower

You can also apply the kief equally to the hemp flower. Allow your now hemp flower to rest for about six hours before enjoying your own DIY personalized HHC flower.

How To Use HHC Flower?

In the same way that you would a standard cannabis flower or a regular CBD flower. That’s all! It can be smoked, vaped, or prepared as edibles. Once your hemp flower has been turned into HHC, it can be utilized in the same manner. This makes using HHC straightforward and quick, and the greatest thing is that it is legal in the majority of places where hemp flower is already lawful.

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