How To Get CBDP Isolate Into Japan?

Hemp product demand has increased in Japan over the last few years. As a result of the rising demand, an increasing number of new brands with different goods are emerging. However, it is vital to note that cannabis laws and policies in Japan differ from those in other nations.
CBDP, or Cannabidiphorol, is a relatively new cannabinoid on the hemp market. Continue reading to learn whether CBDP is allowed in Japan and how to get CBDP isolate in Japan.

What is CBDP?

CBDP, also called cannabidiphorol, is one of over 140 organically occurring chemical compounds present in cannabis and is among the most understudied and ignored cannabinoids publicly known.
It is a heptyl homolog of CBD that is non-intoxicating and does not provide a sense of euphorias like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP).
CBDP, on the other hand, may be related to CBD because it activates certain receptor types and influences brain chemicals to improve mood and sleep. Because of these advantages, CBDP may be a psychotropic chemical.

Cannabis Control Act in Japan

Importing THC-containing items into Japan is banned. Even trace levels of THC should be avoided in the goods, albeit traces may be permitted.
In Japan, cannabis is defined as any item containing THC, even in trace amounts. Importing THC goods is thus prohibited under the Cannabis Control Act. THC-containing items can only be imported with specific approval for study.
It is critical to understand that in Japan, CBDP produced from leaves or flowers is considered cannabis and hence forbidden to import. According to Japanese law, only CBDP produced from the stalk or seed of hemp is allowed.
As a result, any importer would have to demonstrate that the product they intend to import was specifically taken from particular portions of the plant. It indicates that importing THC-free CBDP derived from leaves or flowers is illegal and classified as cannabis.

Is CBDP Legal in Japan?

CBDP is, indeed, allowed in Japan. CBDP goods, on the other hand, cannot include THC. THC is the hemp and cannabis plant’s psychoactive component, indicating it makes you high. The allowable limit for THC in CBDP products in the United States is 0.3 percent.
If you order CBDP goods from outside the country or bring them into Japan, you must ensure that they do not contain THC. Because our CBDP isolate does not include any THC, it is legal in Japan!

How to Get CBDP Isolate in Japan?

Luckily, there are several options for purchasing CBDP isolate products in Japan. Japan is not as limited as you think; you can get CBDP pure and broad-spectrum CBDP in-store and online.
Several countries with stringent regulations forbid CBDP imports, but Japan’s policymakers did not want to establish an oppressive market. Instead, the government enables established foreign businesses to enter the CBDP market while adhering to the country’s standards.
At present, the best location to get CBDP goods in Japan is online. You can shop from numerous providers and have your purchases mailed to your Japanese address. Alternatively, CBDP goods can be purchased in Japan through various local businesses and markets.

Buying CBDP Isolate Online in Japan

If you do a little internet search, you can find several good manufacturers selling high-quality CBDP isolate on the Japanese market. Online stores are the finest places to buy CBDP pure oils, topicals, and beauty items. Online, you can select from a variety of home and foreign brands.
When purchasing CBDP isolate from a foreign brand, inquire about the components and THC concentration of the CBDP extract utilized. CBDP containing THC or CBDP produced from hemp flowers or leaves are not permitted. If you do, customs will seize your merchandise and face prosecution if you are detected importing a THC-containing substance.
what to look for when buying CBDP for Japan infographic
Purchasing CBDP online is handy since you can choose from thousands of goods at low prices and purchase at your leisure. If you go through local magazines and websites, you’ll see that many recommend purchasing Japanese brands. It’s sound advice — domestic brands create CBDP in accordance with local regulations.
On the other hand, foreign enterprises such as State of Mind Labs manufacture items that can satisfy the Japanese market. Some overseas brands manufacture high-quality CBDP goods for discerning markets such as Japan. Some brands, however, will not ship their products to Japan, but you can get around this by using a mail forwarding service.

Buying CBDP Isolate Offline in Japan

CBDP isolate is available in many Japanese businesses, from beauty salons to CBD specialized shops. CBDP products are available in hundreds of shops and stores around Japan. Buying offline from stores offers the advantage of not worrying about laws and regulations because all goods in Japanese stores are legal to buy.
However, one disadvantage of purchasing CBDP goods offline is that you may not find a wide variety of CBDP goods. As a result, if you require a wide range of CBDP or another cannabinoid, go online and conduct extensive research on your preferred product to see what stores and kinds are available. Many additional hemp brands, like State of Mind Labs, make THC-free CBDP products for Japan.


Japan’s hemp market has enormous potential, and if the limits on hemp’s parts are removed, it will also become one of the most versatile markets. Thousands of CBDP items are available both online and in-store.
Because THC is prohibited in Japan, your options are restricted to CBDP isolates or broad-spectrum CBDP. Another thing to keep in mind when placing orders is the origin of your CBDP – as long as it’s extracted from hemp stems, you’re okay to go.

Japan is accelerating market adjustments, and we anticipate friendlier rules increasingly in the near future. Consider State of Mind Labs if you are in Japan and seeking a dependable and renowned CBDP isolate wholesaler who can deliver CBDP isolate in accordance with Japanese laws.

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